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College Edge: Get An Edge with Columbia's Premier Pre-College Program

College Edge: Get An Edge with Columbia's Premier Pre-College Program

If you’re in grades 11 or 12 and want to experience university life at an Ivy League university in the heart of New York and earn real college credits, then check out the amazing College Edge Program at one of the world’s leading institutions, Columbia.

About the Program

Unlike other summer programs, the prestigious College Edge Program allows you to enroll in actual undergraduate courses with current undergraduates. That’s right — Columbia’s College Edge Program is an invitation to the following:

  • Learn from world-class professors
  • Experience genuine undergraduate learning right alongside motivated peers and real undergraduate students
  • Explore cultural attractions galore in New York City
  • Elevate your college admissions profile

As a student in the program, you’ll attend lectures in your areas of interest at Columbia’s Morningside Campus and have self-study periods of two or three hours for every hour in class.

The program also includes support from the Student Life Team in the form of workshops that will give you a further edge, with instruction in communication and leadership skills to improve your success in college and careers!

Running four times a year over a period of six weeks, this Columbia pre-college program, open to eligible high school juniors and seniors, costs $2376 per point, with three points being the equivalent of one course. There is a deadline of November 30th for 2024 entry.

The summer program is open to both international and domestic students.

The academic year program is only open to domestic students in grades 11 and 12.

Subjects Offered

From mathematics, to physics and economics, there are many high-interest courses on offer that prepare you for future STEM or business learning.

If you’re more arts-based, then you could select courses in history, psychology, or sociology

Or maybe working with foreign languages is where you see yourself in the future? If so, then Columbia has both German and first-year Arabic on offer. For more information on courses and the number of credits, take a look here.

Accommodations and Student Life

This program does not include living on campus. You must have your own accommodation,  supervised by an adult family member or family friend who resides in the same residence. 

You will have access to the campus for courses and studying, and also to access a wealth of resources at the Morningside Campus. 

As a student in the program, you are encouraged to attend seminars and lectures and workshops in order to fully experience college life, get a step ahead of your peers, and further elevate your college applications.

“The College Edge experience has allowed me to become more hard-working than I ever thought I could be, and I have made so many friends with such focus and drive."

– Timothy C.


Columbia University's College Edge is a competitive and prestigious program that requires you to satisfy the following application steps and requirements:

  • Statement of purpose
  • Transcripts
  • Satisfy the minimum GPA requirements
  • Have a high level of English Language proficiency
  • Provide two letters of references that speak to your academic prowess and achievements as well as your character

Explore what you need here.

If you want a truly authentic college-level academic experience, want to experience learning college content from top professors alongside other top students, and living in New York City sounds like a great perk for this six-week program, learn more about Columbia University Pre-College Programs now.