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Illinois Tech Elevate College Prep: Summer Programs!

Take your summer to the next level.

At Illinois Tech, we offer middle and high school students an opportunity to elevate their summer through Elevate College Prep. Through our one-of-a-kind program, you can take part in more than just a summer college prep programs—you’ll broaden your knowledge and skills through an array of academic offerings, hands-on experiences, and mentorship.

Among the many options that we’re offering for summer 2023 are programs that examine pressing issues facing our society, including STEM, sustainability, next-generation technology, computing and security, and much more. You can also take part in programs that highlight some of the most dynamic and growing fields today such as game development and cybersecurity. You can even take courses that will earn you college credit!

Daytime Programs

Want to learn more about fabricating lithium-ion batteries? Curious about how to use robotics and lasers to map our planet? If you’re interested in engineering, food science and nutrition, chemistry, business, or pre-law, Elevate College Prep’s daytime programs offer you a chance to experience these fields up close.

Our daytime programs are a great opportunity for students in and around Chicago and across Illinois to take part in robust summer college prep courses. Students commute to Illinois Tech’s Mies Campus, with instruction and other activities taking place between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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Residential Programs

Elevate College Prep’s residential high school summer programs offer you a chance to do more than take college prep courses in highly relevant and interesting subject areas—they allow you to immerse yourself in the full college experience.

Students stay on Illinois Tech’s historic Mies Campus for the duration of the program, receiving instruction in topics such as game development, architecture, and cybersecurity while also building friendships and exploring what college life is like outside the classroom, including opportunities to explore the vibrant, global city of Chicago.

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Online Programs

Unable to make it to campus, but still want to take part in Elevate College Prep’s summer high school summer programs? We’ve got you covered.

Elevate College Prep offers college prep courses each summer that are fully synchronous and available online for high school students who are ages 14–17. Our online programs are limited to 15–30 students and take place over the course of one to two weeks, giving you the opportunity to get to know your professor and classmates as you dive deeper into your subject of interest.

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Illinois Institute of Technology

Game Design Through Twine: Interactive Storytelling by Illinois Tech Elevate College Prep

Game Design Through Twine: Interactive Storytelling is a summer program that gives students the opportunity to design and create a game through the Twine coding platform. Students will examine “Choose Your Own Adventure” games and games with themes in social justice, as well as the methods and forms of interactive storytelling. Students will refine their writing skills by crafting characters, worlds, and the game hero's journey. This course was built using backward design from the Common Core Writing Standards as well as the International Society for Technology and Education standards. This course will be taught by our Esports Coordinator Isaiah Perez. The course was created by Ph.D. candidate and current Illinois State Board Educator Rachel Hirsh.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Esports: Beginner Valorant Training Camp by Illinois Tech Elevate College Prep

Illinois Tech Esports is hosting its first formal gaming camp. This camp is focused on Valorant players who are looking to start climbing the learning curve! This camp will teach students the basics of Valorant while also getting them acquainted with healthy gaming habits. During this five-day camp you will attend sessions cover topics such as finding your sensitivity, how to spot toxicity, the benefits of teamwork, and learning your role. During these four-hour sessions, you or your student will be provided with healthy gaming habits, as well as ways to ensure the longevity of your body in the form of stretches and warm-up techniques before each play session.

Illinois Institute of Technology

New Food Process Design and Validation by Illinois Tech Elevate College Prep

This summer program will give students an opportunity to learn about new food processing technologies, develop processes for food products, and understand how to validate those processes. Students will: -Apply thermal and novel non-thermal technologies (such as high hydrostatic pressure, microwave heating, and pulsed light) to a food product -Develop an understanding of how to select the right technology for a specific food product -Explore aspects of the food product and process development process, which include: Packaging, Process and product parameters, Sensory and quality analysis, and Basic elements of project management

Illinois Institute of Technology

Rapid Prototyping for Pets by Illinois Tech Elevate College Prep

Students will learn to use digital fabrication and carpentry tools to develop the next big thing for man’s best friend.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Summer Pre-Law Institute by Illinois Tech Elevate College Prep

The Illinois Tech Summer Pre-Law Institute offers motivated high school students the opportunity to experience what law school courses are like and learn about the law by practicing the work that lawyers and judges actually do. This week-long program will challenge students to think critically, analyze legal issues, and present oral arguments. With a focus on a current hot topic, such as the First Amendment and student speech, students will read actual cases, construct arguments like practicing lawyers, and decide cases like judges. Pre-Law Institute is an eye-opening experience, whether you have always dreamed of becoming an attorney or if you are just curious to learn more about the legal process.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Robots and Lasers in Surveying the Earth by Illinois Tech Elevate College Prep

Accurate spatial measurements are necessary for any major project involving natural and human-built systems, from tracking tectonic plate shifts along the Mississippi River, to making accurate flood plain maps, to locating buildings correctly in an urban environment. Fully digital total stations have supplanted the traditional theodolites for measuring distances and angles on the earth’s surface. With robotic assistance, they are very effective. Similarly, laser-based point-cloud generators are efficiently used to portray objects in a 3D formation, inside and outside. This program will provide a hands-on introduction about the latest surveying tools that will be used to map our planet.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Introduction to Defensive Hacking by Illinois Tech Elevate College Prep

This camp will introduce the student to the basic defensive cybersecurity skills that are essential in protecting a system's resources from cyberattacks. This will be accomplished by having the student play the role of a "Blue Team" member. Blue teams are typically made up of professional threat hunters and cyber defenders. They are charged with fighting off cyberattacks and protecting an organization's network, systems, and assets. Blue teamers must have expertise in the latest forensic and intrusion detection/protection tools and techniques. The skills introduced and practiced in this camp are in high demand as they play an important role in improving the effectiveness of an organization's security posture.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Cybersecurity Bootcamp (Middle School) by Illinois Tech Elevate College Prep

This bootcamp provides a more in-depth look at cybersecurity and is targeted at students with prior knowledge of basic cybersecurity concepts. Like the Introduction to Offensive Hacking and Introduction to Defensive Hacking programs, students will practice hands-on offensive and defensive hacking techniques while in a lab environment.

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