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NYU Summer Arts and Humanities Programs for High Schoolers

New York University is one of the nation’s top colleges, located in New York’s vibrant Greenwich Village neighborhood. In addition to taking in the sights and sounds of one of the world’s cultural capitals, NYU students receive a top-tier education—especially in the performing arts, visual arts, English, social sciences, and other humanities fields. Fortunately for high schoolers, NYU also offers a long list of summer programs, both residential and virtual, across a range of disciplines. These are great opportunities to dive into a subject that interests you, get a taste of NYC life, and build your resume before heading off to college, be it NYU or elsewhere!   

NYU, High School Summer Art Intensive

Open to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors ages 15-18, this four-week program immerses talented young artists into the world of collegiate art. The curriculum is divided between morning core courses and afternoon electives, through which students will push the threshold of their practice to build a portfolio of substantial quality to apply to university art programs. In addition to their studio courses, students have access to open studio time, weekend social events like Broadway outings, and weekly cultural trips to galleries, museums, and studios across the NYC art world. Applications consist of an online form and a portfolio of 10-20 pieces of art. The final application deadline is on March 1st. 

NYU, Urban Journalism Workshop

Aspiring journalists in the larger NYC metro area may be interested in NYU’s Urban Journalism Workshop, a ten-day intensive program designed to introduce young people to the broader New York journalism community. Students meet with top journalists, visit New York newsrooms, report on stories, learn about multimedia applications in journalism, and publish their work. The program is free to admitted students. Open to rising juniors and seniors, applications close on June 1 and must contain high school transcripts and an application fee. 

NYU, High School Academy - Career Edge

This one-week residential college readiness program provides rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors the chance to live on NYU’s campus and immerse themselves in a subject that interests them, all while preparing them for college and their careers. With thirty courses offered across a huge range of subjects, from Creative Writing and Publishing to FinTech, Marketing, and more, students are sure to find something that fascinates them. Requirements vary according to the subject, but applications consist of official transcripts, essays, an online application form, and an application fee. The deadline for residential students is May 15th. 

Tisch School of the Arts, Online High School Filmmakers Workshop

At this all-online program, students spend four weeks learning the fundamentals of film and visual language and directing short films and music videos. In addition, students will work in teams on skill-building projects, engage with video lectures, learn how to edit, and build community with other emerging filmmakers. During the month, students must produce a documentary, a music video, three technical assignments, and a narrative film. Open to all current high schoolers, applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.0, transcripts, a personal statement, an online application form, and a creative resume. 

NYU Precollege

During the six weeks of NYU’s Precollege program, students can earn college credits, explore potential majors, and learn about careers through over three dozen courses in the fields of Art and Media, STEM, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Business. Beyond the classroom, students have the opportunity to socialize with a diverse student population from around the world, go on field trips to important New York landmarks, and have full access to campus resources. Applicants must be rising juniors or seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Applications should include an online form, official transcripts, a personal statement, and an application fee.    

Tisch School of the Arts Summer Residential High School

Earn college credit, explore the artistic community of New York, live for four weeks in the NYU dorms, and prepare for college at the Arts Summer Residential High School. Offering tracks in Dance, Drama, Production & Design, Dramatic Writing, Game Design, Photography and Imaging, or Recorded Music, students can have an immersive experience in college-level academics across the arts. High Schoolers must be rising juniors or seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.0 to apply, and applications must include a creative resume, a personal statement, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and an application fee. 


With New York’s status as both a national and international arts capital, participating in a summer program at NYU is a transformative experience that opens the door to even more opportunities. Through these programs, you’ll have the chance to experience all of the ins and outs of an artistic career, explore key sites across the city, and receive mentorship from experts who have dedicated their lives to their fields. No matter matter what program you join, you’ll leave ready to take the next steps on your arts and humanities path.