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Popular Yale Summer Classes for MS & HS Students

Popular Yale Summer Classes for HS & MS Students

Summer is a great opportunity to jumpstart your college journey, so keep reading for a great summertime option... In this post we'll explore some popular kinds of classes offered at Yale every summer, open to middle and high school students, and that you can access through Summer Institute for the Gifted.

So, you’ve decided that your dream Ivy League School is Yale, or perhaps you are tossing up a few fantastic places to go but want to experience a specific, tailored school program at Yale. Attending a course in advance of your school selection is a really savvy plan.

As well as getting a taste of life on campus or even online, you can see how you will be taught and develop skills in advance of Uni life which will give you a huge head start on your academic career. Take a look at these fantastic short courses at Yale University, the third oldest Higher Education Institution in the States.  

The courses described are summer courses and run for an average of three weeks. They all vary in cost between approximately $6,000 and $9,000 depending on whether you are planning on attending the day program or the full residential course, which includes accommodation and food. There is a minimum age of 11 for the day courses and 13 for the residential programs.

Where to Get More Information Now...

Check out the Yale program information at SIG — Summer Institute for the Gifted — or search any number of summer program opportunities like these and others at SummerApply!.

What’s Waiting for You Next Summer at Yale...

Green Technologies

Does learning about renewable energies and green technology of the future to combat climate change interest you? Recent Yale summer programs for high school students included the class Green Technologies: Hue of the Future.

In this excellent and timely course, you’ll research, explore, and discuss ideas for innovative and sustainable solutions in green technologies. You'll investigate the roles that policies and governments can play in shaping a cleaner, greener future and get a look at cutting-edge developments in the field.

You’ll also develop problem-solving skills for applying your new knowledge and learn about real advocacy skills you can put to work in clubs or activist roles to be part of the movement towards a sustainable future!

Python 101 

Don’t worry, there are no snakes in the classroom. Python is a popular coding language! 

If you’re interested in coding or wondering what it would be like to know how coding languages work and want to try using them creatively, then the Python 101! Where Programming Meets Creativity or a course like it, could be the course for you. 

This three-week course is open to students in grades six through eight. You’ll learn how to navigate large data sets and even try your hand at machine learning. With this kind of course you’ll propel your tech career and acquire skills that will help you be a stronger college applicant.

For this course, you’ll need prior knowledge of Windows 10 or MAC OS10, with software permissions. You can take this course and others like it as a day program student or residential student.

Eloquent Oration

Do you want to improve your speaking and presentation skills? And overcome feeling nervous and jittery? 

Do you dream of capturing your audience using proven speech writing elements? Or perhaps you’re eager to improve your confidence in public speaking for leadership roles or to improve your grades, or other benefits…

If any of these apply you could make a big leap forward by using some of your summer break to take a course such as Eloquent Orator: Leave them speechless! or a similar summer course offered at Yale through the Summer Institute for the Gifted.

This three-week course is open to middle school students in both the day program or residential program. In this course, you’ll learn about effective speech writing and word choice, how to structure speeches, and even ways you can use positive body language to gain your audience's trust and have them listen with all ears!

Game Design

If you're interested in designing and programming computer games then the Game Play and Design in Unity with C#  could be a good Yale summer course for you.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of C# (C-sharp) and try out scripting your first game development project, from beginner through to advanced level. This course will develop both your creative skills and your computer skills as you learn about concepts such as data structures, inheritance, and flow control…

This course is for students in grades 9-11, and you’ll need to have your own up-to-date laptop. Whether as a day program student or residential student, attending this course is a great way to see if a career in technology and the fast-growing world of game design might be right for you!

Principles of Calculus

One of the newest courses at Yale’s summer program for high school students is a mathematics-based course: The Principles of Calculus

In this course, you’ll learn how Calculus is designed to model the dynamics of objects in  motion and apply your learning to real-life scenarios. This fantastic course will also include some principles from analytic geometry and should extend your trigonometry knowledge, making you a true Math Whizz!

Don’t forget, Calculus is a foundational discipline for a wide range of college majors, including most STEM disciplines, so this is one super practical way to get ahead of the curve when it comes to your future college journey! Find out more here.

Mental Health Practice and Policy

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of mental health and well-being. Today, researchers are reporting an increase in young people combating mental health problems and an urgent need for many more qualified mental health practitioners. The Yale summer program for high school students offers a great way to explore career paths in mental health!

For example, in 2023, high school students in grade 9 through 11 were able to take a Yale course called Mental Health: A Balancing Act in Practice and Policy.

If you're interested in a career as a psychologist, nurse, doctor or other professional role that involves mental health care, then this three-week course will provide you with a real grounding in the US mental health care system and its counterparts in other countries. 

You’ll be involved in discussions around practice and policy, gaining an insight into how the mental health system operates and its short-comings. Your opinions and research will help inform the class discussions, and you’ll also receive a certificate of completion you can showcase when you apply to Yale or another great school.

Regenerative Medicine

Finally,  if you see yourself headed for a pre-med track in college or want to explore that kind of curriculum, Yale summer courses for gifted high school students are likely to include something right up your alley. Last summer, for example, summer programming included a cutting-edge course called Regenerative Medicine: The Engineered Anatomy

This course introduces students to fascinating topics in physiology and biology related to the pursuit of amazing innovative solutions for healing from injury and disease, such as  artificial organs, tissue engineering, and cellular therapies.

You’ll investigate the latest in clinical trials and specialized therapies which have the potential to increase and improve the quality of life for many. This course also teaches you to debate the ethical dilemmas facing regenerative medicine and gets you insights from top-class researchers into how this field is rapidly changing, making you one of the most clued up students of your generation!

This highly popular course filled up quickly in 2023, so be sure to apply early next year so you get that highly coveted place!

Time Travel

Another very popular course that was filled to capacity in 2023 is the fascinating Theories of Time Travel: Spacetime Physics and Wormholes, a course offered to students in grade six through eight. 

In this dynamic, exploratory course, you learn how combining theories of relativity, quantum mechanics, and quantum gravity can lead to plausible models for time travel! 

You’ll investigate the concepts of black holes, cosmic strings, and negative energy by learning about cutting-edge research in this field. Your final project will involve developing your very own theory of time travel!

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to study to become a physicist, astronaut, or astronomer then this amazing course is the one for you. 

Your Summer at Yale — Plan Ahead!

So there you have a detailed view of some of the incredible courses you can find at Yale every summer that are open to middle and high school students.

We can only guess at what great courses you’ll be able to choose from in future summers…

If you decide to apply, be sure to check SIG for more information about program options, application requirements, eligibility, and deadlines!

For information on SIG and other summertime academic and internship programs for motivated students, go to SummerApply! anytime to see what your next summer might have in store!