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Yale Young Global Scholars STEM Program

Discover Pre-College Summertime STEM Experiences at Yale with Yale Young Global Scholars


Are you interested in learning about innovations in STEM subjects and real-world case studies at a world leading university? 

Would you like to be immersed in the world of scientific scholarship as you develop your critical thinking skills? 

If so, then the Yale Young Global Scholars Program could be for you.

About YYGS

The Yale Young Global Scholars Program (YYGS) is a two-week summer program, running three times, and hailed as one of the most diverse summer programs on the globe. It attracts high-school-age students from around the world, typically hosting some 2,000 students from 150 or more countries. 

The Yale Young Global Scholars Program stands out for its highly collaborative learning model which introduces students to innovative topics and group discussions, with international contexts. 

For the full residential program, you'll take meals everyday in the company of other motivated peers in Yale’s beautiful dining halls and experience college dorms with fellow students.

Have a look at the tentative YYGS schedule for 2024 to get an idea of the jam-packed and diverse activities in store for you!

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be between 16-18 years old and graduating high school May/June 2025/26 (if you study in the Northern Hemisphere), or Nov/Dec 2024/25 (if you study in the Southern Hemisphere).
  • Have a high level of English language proficiency, shown by a TOEFL or Duolingo test (if not a native English speaker), and submit one 400-word essay and 200-word response.
  • Submit an official school transcript and a letter of recommendation.

For more details about requirements, check out the sample Global Scholars application form.

Subjects & Topics

If you're wondering about the types of topics covered during the program, then take a look at these driving questions, which are an example of what might be covered. If any of these are exciting and inspirational to you, then this is the right program for you!

  1. How do we go about finding new planets, and could they sustain human life?
  2. How can we best mitigate human pollution in the atmosphere, oceans, and soil?
  3. Can we use observations from nature to improve how we design products and buildings?
  4. Why are certain drugs more effective than others?
  5. Can organisms be engineered to serve specific purposes?

Seminars include subjects like Transhumanism, Extragalactic Astrophysics, Diets of the Future, Disease Hunters and the use of CRISPR Cas 9 with the microbiome.

Lecture offerings include readings such as “Mind Reading with Functional Brain Imaging: Neuroethics and Artificial Intelligence” by Marvin Chun  and “Robots that Teach” by Brian Scassellati.

Costs and Financial Aid

The YYGS program distributes $3 million each year to both international and domestic students in financial aid.

The full price for the two-week residential is $6,500. This price covers housing, meals and materials for the course, but not any transportation costs that you may incur. 

You may qualify for needs-based financial aid, which covers the entire tuition costs and you can fundraise for transport costs. Learn more now about YYGS costs and financial aid.

There are a limited number of scholarships linked to the needs-based financial aid, which you would need to apply for at the same time as your application for YYGS. Both parts have the deadline of January 10th 2024. Decisions are released by mid-March 2024.


Students have thoroughly enjoyed this program, developing a future community of open-minded scientists, who have the capacity to change the world.

“Before the beginning of YYGS, I remember feeling nervous and questioned how the event would run. But, by day two, I realized that I didn’t need to worry. The YYGS Program questioned things I thought I knew, scratched beyond the surface level, and helped me effectively communicate my ideas and opinions. I’ve grown with a community of inspiring students, dedicated staff, and passionate professors. Words couldn’t even begin to describe this experience, but I am beyond grateful.”

Janine, YYGS alumna, Ghana, Africa.


If this excellent program is intriguing to you then get more information about the Yale Young Global Scholars Program now!